j2 Aircraft Design Analysis

j2 Aircraft Design Analysis Systems

J2 Universal Toolkit® - astate-of-the-art, easy-to-use software suite that gives you unprecedented power to design and ‘fly’ multipleconfigurations of the complete flight envelope in a 3-D virtual environment –all at the click of a mouse! It allows you to rapidly develop various aircraftmodels, provides flight dynamics simulation, instant verification of aircraftbehavior, view any results in a virtual 3-D real world, automatic calculationof aerodynamic coefficients and derivatives and has interface with COM &Matlab. For more information, please visit www.J2aircraft.com


Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA)

Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA)

AAA® - Advance Aircraft Analysis (AAA) provides a powerfulframework to support the iterative and non-unique process of aircraftpreliminary design. The AAA program allows students and preliminary designengineers to take an aircraft configuration from early weight sizing throughopen loop and closed loop dynamic stability and sensitivity analysis, whileworking within regulatory and cost constraints. For more information, pleasevisit www.darcorp.com